Thursday, June 2, 2011

BioSciCol VertNet Integration Meeting

Recent big news is the funding of VertNet! Given this, some of us got together to discuss ways we can work together towards some common goals.

Location:”Jupiter Cafe”
John Deck (Kolsch)
Aaron Steele (Jupiter Red)
John Wieczorek (Hot Chocolate)

VertNet will publish to PubSubHubbub. BiSciCol can subscribe to the hub and receive updates on what is going on.

- VN can encourage, promote, implement use of GUIDs
- Links to GUIDs of Annotation references (of all kinds like data quality stuff e.g. Creation of WGS84/ instance of DMS data)
- BiSciCol can help VertNet in augmenting search (relationship graph search)

- BiSciCol is base study for annotation use cases (query on annotation relations?)
- VertNet won’t look at relationships between objects, so BiSciCol could be FTW
- Recommends Twitter dialog between BiSciCol and VN

- Annotations
- PubSubHubbub
- Twitter dialog

More to come. If 2 of the attendees can figure out how to use (and if they really want to use) twitter we can stay plugged in that way (per JohnW's suggestion). Otherwise, we'll be forced to meet over beers and use our speech.

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