Events and Presentations

We will be posting here slides and any material associated with presentations we will be giving at various meetings and conferences.

August 13, 2012. Berkeley 3biv Biocode, BiSciCol, Identifiers, and VertNet.  "Data Curation" (modification of iEvoBio talk)

July 10, 2012. iEvoBio 2012 Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario.  Data Curation and Biodiversity Research:  Lessons from BiSciCol and a look at the "Triplifier Simplifier"

June 13-16, 2012.  SPNHC 2012 Meeting, New Haven, CT.   Spiffed up content, Triplifier!

October 16-21, 2011. TDWG Meeting, New Orleans, LA. BiSciCol PowerPoint Presentation

September 12-13, 2011. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. BiSciCol Development Meeting.

June 21-22, 2011. iEvoBio Meeting, Norman, OK.  iEvoBio11 Presentation Slides

February 23-24, 2011. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. BiSciCol Technical Meeting.

December 16-17, 2010. Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. First BiSciCol team Meeting.