Monday, January 31, 2011

16-17 December 2010 - Meeting outcome

Our December Meeting brought us all together and we were fortunate to have Davie Vieglais from DataOne and Bob Morris from FilteredPush (a.k.a. Push-me-pull-you).  We reviewed use cases and case scenarios, discussed object relationships and ways to model them.  

We are making progress with designing a technical architecture and on February 23-25, 2011 John Deck (Berkeley), Brian Stuckey (U. Colorado), Kate Rachwal (UF), Russ Watkins (UF), Nico Cellinese (UF), and our guest Steve Baskauf (Venderbilt) will meet at the Florida Museum of Natural History to refine solutions to some of the impending technical issues.

We created a number of subgroups that will be in charge of developing specific aspects of the project:

1. Taxonomic Names (Rich Pyle [chair], Gustav Paulay, Tom Orrell, Chris Meyer, Nico Cellinese, John Deck, Jonathan Coddington, Rob Whitton).
2. Ontology  (Nico Cellinese [chair], Bob Morris, Kate Rachwal, John Deck, Jonathan Coddington, Rich Pyle).
3. Geospatial (Rob Guralnick [chair], Reed Beaman, Russ Watkins, Kate Rachwal, John Deck).
4. Technical Architecture (John Deck [chair], Rob Whitton, Dave Vieglais, Kate Rachwal, Rob Guralnick, Russ Watkins, Tom Orrell, Bryan Heidorn, Jonathan Coddington).
5. Domain Scientists (Chris Meyer [chair], Nico Cellinese, Gustav Pailay, George Roderick, Neil Davies, Rob Guralnick, John Deck, Tom Orrell, Jonathan Coddington, Reed Beaman). Improve on test case list.
6. Sustainability Group (Neil Davies [chair], Rob Guralnick, Reed Beaman, Chris Meyer).
Reed Beaman, Rob Guralnick and Russ Watkins are compiling a conceptual plan that will include specifics on who is doing what, timeline, and priorities. We all agreed to deploy a prototype in July 2001 for testing by the community.

More later.....

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